A great blow out will change a woman’s life. At Salon CG our team of stylists are trained to understand the importance of great technique to ensure a beautiful blow out no matter the occasion. As a salon, we only use high end styling products that help to ensure that your time in the salon and our hard work last. Here are some additional tips to ensure that you get the most out of your blow out with us!

  • Allow our professionally trained stylist to apply 1-2 products that will offer your finished look hold, volume and/or sleekness.
  • Avoid water at all cost! This includes humidity and the steam from your shower. An investment in a shower cap will change your life.
  • If you are one of our ladies that likes to keep our blow out for an extended amount of time before cleansing again, avoid shine sprays and oils. These may increase a “oily look”. If these are needed for dryness, only apply to your ends.
  • Hair powders and salt sprays will absorb oils and add texture, but these should be used a few days after your blowout (dependent on hair type) to extend the life of your blowout and leave you feeling fabulous for another day!


level 4
Stylist / Full Body Waxer
Bellami Hair Extension Specialist

Favorite movie: E.T. the extra terrestrial, horror movies, Dirty Dancing, Cinderella
Favorite food: Anything from New Jersey
Funny fact: I’m funny lol
Why I love CG: They embrace my weirdness and we’re an amazing team.


level 1

Favorite movie: Hunger Games
Favorite food: Pasta
Funny  fact: I have a really bad shopping addiction.
Why I love Salon CG: I love that this is an education salon, no matter what I know, I can count on my girls to have my back.


level 2

Favorite movie: Mulan
Favorite food: Ice cream
Funny  fact: I have never had a brain freeze.
Why I love Salon CG: Everyone is so inclusive and I’m always inspired.



level 2
Bellami Hair Extension Specialist

Favorite movie: Pretty Woman
Favorite food: Any Mexican Food or Sushi
Funny fact: I will curse sometimes replacing the words with random words like “son of junior biscuit eater or Holy guacamole”
Why I love Salon CG:
 I love Salon CG for so many reasons one of my a top favorite’s is that SALON CG is not just job it is being the difference between a workplace and a GREAT place to work it is truly the TEAM who builds the foundation support for one another each member of the salon love’s what they do and we all do it with passion & creativity. We get continued education so we can give our client nothing but the BEST because they deserve nothing less when leaving Salon CG!!


level 3
Bellami Hair Extension Specialist

Favorite movie: House Bunny

Favorite food: Chicken Fingers from raising canes
Funny  fact: I love my cat more than my husband
Why I love Salon CG: Even though I’ve been here a short time, everyone has been so welcoming, and it feels like I’ve been here forever.

Master Colorist with over 10 years of experience and certifications that commend her work.

Marlee is known for the achieving beautiful blonde results while maintaining the integrity of your hair. So, if you are ready for a change or recently moved to Florida and looking for your new go to salon, you won’t regret coming to Salon CG. She has mastered the art of understanding client requirements and delivering the best.

Over the years Marlee have served hundreds of happy clients who trust her. So, whether it is a quick touch-up or detailed beauty therapies, she is here to help you.